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Since man’s early history, bongs have taken multiple forms. But thanks to technology and man’s ingenuity, convenient, elegant and durable pipes are readily available today. From discrete and inconspicuous to wallet friendly plastic bongs and high-end brands, we’ve got them all. Buy super-cool, designer bongs online via Bong Hits!

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  1. Glass Bongs (25)
  1. 2-in-1 Herb & Oil Bongs (36)
  2. Percolator Bongs (78)
  3. Boxed Bongs (25)
  4. Multi Outlet Bongs (2)
  5. Freezable Bongs (2)
  6. LED Base Bongs (1)
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  2. Herbs (25)
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  4. 400 - 500 mm (2)
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  3. 18.8 mm (21)
  4. 18.8 mm > 14.5 mm (1)
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  1. Female (10)
  2. Male (26)
  1. Clear (36)
  2. Green (8)
  3. Black (7)
  4. Blue (7)
  5. White (2)
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  7. Red (1)
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  1. Grace Glass (19)
  2. Black Leaf (10)
  3. Blaze Glass (3)
  4. Four Twenty (3)

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