One of the reasons why bongs have become very popular with people is that you get a clean fresh smoke when you use them. They are able to filter out the impurities from smoke.

Make sure that you give your bong a good clean every once in a while. Even if you use only organic herbal substances in your bong, the bong is certain to get dirty or cloudy overtime because of the smoke.
There are many ways to clean a bong.

cleaning glass bongs

You can buy a cleaning solution intended for bongs from any company that sells bongs, accessories, and cleaning products. Get a cleaning fluid that has all-natural non-toxic ingredients.

You can also use a simple blend of rubbing alcohol and salt for an inexpensive cleaning solution. The disinfecting power of Isopropyl alcohol and the abrasive quality of salt make for a mixture that will get your bong sparkling clean in no time at all.

All you have to do is to pour alcohol into the chamber, add a liberal amount of salt, and twirl the solution around to effectively dissolve or loosen the resin that has built up in the chamber. Afterwards, rinse out the chamber with warm water.
To avoid the need for frequent cleaning, make sure that you change the water in your bong regularly. Doing this enables you to avoid tar build-up in your gong.