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Here at BongHits we have a crazy range of cheap bongs for sale that are dispatched via our UK based head shop. If you are looking for an ice bong, or just a classic straight tubed glass bong then we will be able to more than satisfy you. Along with all the standard glass bongs that we sell around the UK, we also stock unique types such as the ever popular ‘percolator bong’ and so much more. Around 30 years ago a bong was just a typical glass pipe that included a water chamber, these days there is just so much more to pick from. You will notice on our UK based online shop has many filters on all of our category pages, allowing you to save time and find exactly what you are after. We currently stock over 300 different bongs that include crazy additions such as tree percolators and diffusers.


Glass bongs are often renown for making the smoke taste way better. This recent study on glass shapes has proven just how magical glass really is!

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Cheap Bong For Sale

In order to keep all of our cheap bongs for sale at a low price we operate purely online, the costs we save not operating a shop front means we can sell our bongs at cheap prices all around the UK and worldwide. We always used tracked delivery and UK customers even get an hour time slot for their delivery! If you are unsure about what glass bong to buy then feel free to make use of our quick customer support, we are always ready to advise our customers about our range of bongs. For even more bongs check out our friends at Bong shop HerbTools, they are one of the oldest and most successful bong shops in the UK.

Ice Bongs

No matter if you are smoking tobacco or other herb mixtures, all of our ice bongs will be suitable for your smoking needs.

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Bongs for Sale UK

With amazingly high quality bongs for sale at HerbTools in the USA, you will no longer need to wait weeks ordering overseas for your bong smoking needs! We price match our products with all the top online bong shops and combine these prices with the cheapest next day shipping prices available! We are always adding crazy new glass bongs for sale to our UK shop and we sell all of the top brand names such as DankDust and Grace Glass.
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Who is BongHits UK

We are an English company specializing in bongs for the UK and a provider of head shop accessories to the public. We first started our company back in 2013 as an alternative to the overseas bong shops, we noticed that the UK was lacking in online head shops and that most citizens were having to pay pricey shipping costs to other companies based in USA. We have grown tremendously since we originally started and continue to offer more and more glass bongs to all of the UK.

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More at Bong-Hits

When you go to buy a bong an important aspect to consider is cost, and the quality you get for that cost whether it is a cheap bong or not. Some people are looking for a cheap bong that is practical and possibly includes a percolator, whilst some others want a limited version glass bong that awes anyone who sees it, a real impressive specimen. Usually talking, the bigger a bong is, the more costly it is. If you don’t have much cash to invest, you will most likely want to purchase a little bong, as these almost by no means price more than $75, and generally price closer to $50. Large bongs can price upward of $200.

Make sure to mix the tobacco in its package prior to utilizing. This helps to maintain the quantity of juice/flavor consistent, and at the right level, bowl after bowl.
Glass Percolator Bongs for Sale

Any of these amazing glass percolator bongs are very simple to use at home also. You can obtain all the issues easily from any close by bong store like numerous different flavors, chillums and even independent components of the Glass bongs if you have misplaced any thing. Furthermore, all these issues are of a low cost and therefore they can come inside your variety and your spending budget.

Any bong you buy needs herbs to function. When lights up and heating your weed, make sure the glass bowl is clean, even if you have a creative glass one. You might attempt the quick-mild materials that bars and eating places use when providing bong pipes to their clients. If you will be utilizing wooden coals, keep in thoughts that this type will require more time prior to it lights up and heats the tobacco.

Interestingly, each wealthy guy in this vast nation is prepared to shell out a fortune to get the latest smoking accessories. This is made possible to certain extent by the on-line headshop and deals that offer the extremely very best in the industry. Only time will tell when each smoker has the very best accessory to flaunt. You should have the very best, so don’t hesitate when you see the next very best smoking accent in the buying shopping mall subsequent glass to your home.

Weed Pipes

For many years now the best weed pipes are the bong, water pipe or whatever you favor to call it. Next you better consider the price factor. Everybody desires to buy that bong in which they can conserve some quantity of cash for the herb to go with it! The best choice for this is to purchase weed pipes over the net. This not only saves money but also conserve them from the headache of shifting from 1 place to other.

Headshops that sell weed pipes is a great place to look if you want to be discreet. The place has a high end water pipe section which they produced in their own glass blowing studios. Most importantly their weed pipes is not typical which makes them unique, but doesn’t carry a whole great deal of selection. They do make some great baby bongs accompanied by glass bubbler. It’s much more of a reduced key when in the community kind of place.

Smoking Pipes are extremely easy to put with each other at home also. You can acquire all the issues easily from any close by bong shop like many various flavors, chillums and even separate components of the Glass bongs if you have misplaced any factor. Moreover, all these things are of a low price and therefore they can arrive inside your range and your budget.

Most tobacco alternatives function only gradually. This makes it unpleasant for the addict who is usually considering of when and exactly where to have his next cigarette, if feasible. This dependency can be carried out absent with more effortlessly by using natural smoking blends.

In our on-line store you’ll find numerous types of bongs, from hand-made bongs, and contemporary bongs to truly cool two or three hose bongs, Egyptian bongs, rotating bongs, small, medium and big bongs.

Percolator Bongs

dshops are now famous for percolator bongs becoming sold at the counterculture establishment, Last Location on Earth. The shop sells weed magazines such as HighTimes, posters, pipes, papers, and other smoking devices as well as weapons which would lead to instant arrest if carried on the road. The Poor component of the cannabis plant extract known as dabs includes a technique that there is so much liquor in it and you have to maintain it in your mouth so long that it will burn the shit out of your mouth. We are speaking about pores and skin peeling off of the roof of your mouth and your tongue hurting like by no means before. The extract is also Fairly costly and doesn’t do as a lot (in my humble opinion).

glass percolator bongs are not extremely costly. You can buy a unique bong for sale inside $50, and the flavoured shisha can be purchased for $10 per flavour. 1 flavour can last for 1 thirty day period if it is smoked at normal intervals. The smoke is relatively dangerous. The commonly used slogans to teach individuals that cigarette smoking is injurious to health are generally correct. On an estimated average, cigarette smoking takes absent between five to 20 minutes of a individual’s lifespan with each cigarette.

Though it’s fun to use all types of bongs including glass and plastic percolators, it’s much cooler to just hangout at a friends house and smoke a joint. Within a few blocks, some of the very best weed dealers will be hanging out ready to sell you some fire. The people who sell weed have believed up tons of new methods to get you blasted.

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Glass Bongs for Sale

For much better style of the smoking I suggest you find a really cool glass bong for sale online. They decrease the quantity of bad stuff such as nicotine from your bong smoke and you can have a longer drag because of that (with a better taste and less coughing). This accent will surely help you to get a better bong experience every time. Another great bong accessory is the precooler or unique glass bowl, you can place some of the pieces in the dish washer if you wanted, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Find some bongs for sale that include cleaner. Nevertheless, most authentic Center